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I can relate to this more than you know...
The thing is... due to me and my brothers being such blacksheep in our own ways... our parents are now the blacksheep of their families... our whole family is sometimes ostracized, sometimes misunderstood... I think my siblings and I have made it hard for my parents when they are meeting with extended family... it's not easy being "different"... but sometimes you have to do what you have to do...

oh i know sister - i know! and it's deeefrent- ahahah

Thank you for your insight here and in feminist. I continue to find your perspective very valuable.


mutual appreciation feels good, aye?

I've always firmly believed that we should do our best to enlighten those around us. That is progress in a nutshell -- and we black sheep are the nuts ;-)

Great post. I've actually had the chance to talk about lesbianism in a deconstructing het-myths kind of way with my step-family. I really appreciated that when they brought up the relative in question they asked general questions in a non-hateful way, and listened to what I had to say (all the more since they're Irish-American from central Pennsylvania and I'm the black stepkid). So much is just lack of experience and familiarity and not actual malice. As it stands my dad and I stick out like sore thumbs at gatherings and when I bring my own sig. others it'll be more so. But it means a lot knowing that these are good people who are just getting their horizons expanded- and that they're doing the same for me.

Followed here from feministing. Thanks for what you said.

(I'm AndyLC, by the by)

welcome- glad you like it.

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