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I'll be there
If you need me for anything, I'll be there. If I'm not in your life physically, remember how much I love you and all of the positive things I've said about you, to you. I see you. I see your talent and I'm proud of the skills you've developed. No matter what, I know you're great, you are love, I know you. #unconditional_love #its_all_good #I_see_you

Be kind to yourself and others. Create art, music and dance. Laugh. Love romantically and love unconditionally. Take care of yourself. You are a precious entity. Allow yourself to be appreciated and very well valued. Do what makes you happy and healthy, then wealthy and wise will follow. Remember, we are all one and the source of all creativity is within. I love you, forgive me, I forgive you, thank you. #GOThomai

sometimes we say "weird"
when we could say "new"

One day after school a young girl noticed that her mother was cutting off the ends of a pot roast before putting it in the oven to cook for dinner. She had seen her mother do this many times before. This time she asked, "Why do you cut the ends off?" and her mother replied, "I don't know. It’s what my mom always did. Why don't you ask your Grandma?"
So the young girl called her grandmother and asked, "Grandma why do you cut the ends off the pot roast before cooking it?" Her grandmother replied, "I don't know. That's just the way my mother always cooked it. Why don't you ask her?". Undeterred, the girl called her great grandmother, who was living in a nursing home and asked her the same question, "Why did you cut the ends off the pot roast before cooking it?" Her great grand mother replied, "When I was first married we had a very small oven, and the pot roast didn't fit in the oven unless I cut the ends off." -- take time to reevaluate your traditions; change can be good for you and your family.

In to it.
Intuition is a combination of highly skilled deductive reasoning and instinct. We've been conditioned to think women can't be so intelligent as to be great at deductive reasoning, but the fact is, we excel. People would rather think it's a magical trick of some sort than face how brilliant we are. It's understandable that we go against it at times, based on how we've been conditioned. Time to shift all that.

Utilize it
As you grow aware of the non dual presence, the source, you will become stronger in your purpose and achieve your greatest desires, which are in alignement with your purpose.

We live in a world of duality and there are times when the binary slows us down. Let that inform you. Find the gift in the delay. It could be a physical illness-- let that make you humble and grateful, more in the moment or perhaps able to transcend the moment. It could be emotional. Let the emotions be like rain. Rain may slow traffic and encourage a cover. It also feeds the soil so that what was dormant in the earth can sprout forth. Will your emotions sprout poison plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit,  a tree? Allow it. Use the "it's all good" perspective to find the grace in all of it.

non dual presence
The first thing I will share with you is that God is not a He or a She, but all. God is not white or black, up or down, but technicolor and surround sound as well as silence and absence of color and in every direction. We live in a world of binaries and yet within us is the non dual presence- the source of life. There are many names attributed to the source of all creation: God, Great Spirit, The Force, Allah, Jaweh, Energy, Soul. More important than what you name it is that you foster your awareness of the great energy within you. It's there. Utilize it and let it utilize you.

combining form

  1. all; of all things.

    • in all ways or places.

the root
Sexism is the root of all isms and xenophobias. You can cut the branches, but until you address the root, the branches just keep growing back.

The word I chose for the New Year is
is the word that chose me via chance / cut up / random magic.
I AM good with this. Happy New Year, everyone --
What is your word and what are you manifesting? #blessedbe

The MetaHara Healing and Storytelling Sanctuary is in the making.

Words to live by from my sweet friend, Claes.

"You are an amazing human being
and good things will keep coming to you
as long as you
keep moving forward."

Claes Lilja on the eve of my 50th birthday

Mission- the long term goal
buy property- build a productive, sustainable sanctuary for runaways of all ages to create theater, music, film, grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, practice yoga, martial arts and various healing modalities.

Know your audience- then do as you please ;)
A teacher once gave me a grade of C for an A+ oral report based on the ignorance of my audience, "Know your audience, the students do not understand your reference to the 'I have a dream' speech". I learned to be more careful of who I choose to surround myself with and to not stay in an institution that assumes ignorance from it's members. I learned that sometimes it's OK to speak over someone's head, and other times it's good to filter, so as not to get that glossed over look. Whether I honor the learning or not, thanks to what I still think was an unfair grade, I wont ever forget the words "Know your audience".

I started fitbit today- encouraged by a colleague on Facebook.
I like this program!
Got me moving more than I would have today, helps keep track of nutrition as well.

compassion instead
Where it may be easy to curse, find forgiveness.
When confronted with rigid, officious behavior,
have compassion.
We know that rigid stance tightens with fear.
Project light at that darkness, feel the peace within you.
Stay strong in your center,
knowing inside and out that you are one.

My view
Moments after the rain, silver and gold lined clouds. Fresh scent, cool breeze~ January in L.A.
photo (6)

photo (4)
10 minutes later:
photo (7)
pink clouds, gold and silver cloud linings- my iPhone camera barely does it justice.

Cottonwood tree ideally
I saw a post about this company on Facebook.
I love this idea and hope this is what would be made of my body when my spirit has moved on:

I wonder who would plant it and where? I would be fine with Maple or Pine, though Cottonwoods are my favorite tree.

One Word

To the small voice within, to my environment, to people I work with, to family and friends, to the happenings as they are happening, to the creative within, hear and share the stories that are asking to be told. Listen more, talk less. Listen more, write more. Shhhhh. Go within. Share with ease.

I must write the stories I have inside. Seeking out the best writing course. I have books about writing for TV and film; they may be of help too. Allow the stories to be told with great talent and skill. Write screenplays, write pilots, write a series. Right.

Merry Christmas
An entire planet of humans count time, the most precious commodity, based on the biggest Peacenik's walk on earth, yet so many seek power with violence and greed.
I'm glad we can join forces with the healthier example and continue manifesting peace, joy, gratitude and generosity every day.

Any dis-ease may not be a choice, yet finding the lessons of them and the good in them is a choice that leads to healing.
Addiction may not be a choice, yet sobriety is.
Rape may not be a choice, surviving it, thriving to work towards equality and respect for all is.
Homelessness may not be a choice, allowing others to help you is. Thank you for letting me help.
How others perceive you may not be your choice, yet the choice to love unconditionally, even that which we don't like, is the greatest choice
we can make.


All One
flower grows out of the wall
"Lonliness is the human condition"

Within you is spirit, your godself is not so human
Go within and discover you are not alone
you are
all one

something to expound upon, make into an essay
flower grows out of the wall
Fewer and fewer humans are being born that are the type to fit into the school system style of teaching we currently have in place. The current way of forcing round pegs in square spaces, of identifying those round pegs as deficient in angles and disordered for not fitting into square spaces is one of the many branches of a sickening tree we know as sexism. Sexism, the original fault. How long will it take for the US to catchup and allow for whole mind, whole person, celebrating differences, equality in education?