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Merry Christmas
An entire planet of humans count time, the most precious commodity, based on the biggest Peacenik's walk on earth, yet so many seek power with violence and greed.
I'm glad we can join forces with the healthier example and continue manifesting peace, joy, gratitude and generosity every day.

Any dis-ease may not be a choice, yet finding the lessons of them and the good in them is a choice that leads to healing.
Addiction may not be a choice, yet sobriety is.
Rape may not be a choice, surviving it, thriving to work towards equality and respect for all is.
Homelessness may not be a choice, allowing others to help you is. Thank you for letting me help.
How others perceive you may not be your choice, yet the choice to love unconditionally, even that which we don't like, is the greatest choice
we can make.