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Drive by Joy
I dance while I drive. Last night while on my way to teach a Yoga class in Inglewood, I was listening to Wynton Marsalis's CD that honors traditional Jazz.  There is a brass band song, I don't recall the name of, that I have danced in the streets to many a times  in New Orleans.  Of course, this is a perfect recording of it as Mr. Marsalis is a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist from New Orleans means he knows, "It don't mean a thing if it aint got that swing" technique or not.
So, there I am, dancing like I am second lining my way down Carrolton, while I'm actually driving down Century and a car pulls up next to me.  His window was down and he yelled over "You must be from New Orleans Dawl' " I say, "Oh, can you hear the music? I didn't realize it was so loud" He replied, "No, but, I 'd like to! turn that stuff up beautiful!"
There we were, Jammin' at a red light, beaming. As the driver pulled away, I noticed his Louisiana license plates and a bumper sticker that says, "It don't mean a thing..."
Yeah baby! do wop do wop do wop

edit: the CD- The Majesty of Blues- and the song comes on just at the end of Stanley Crouch's spoken word: Premature Autopsies
song title:

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These are the moments that can really brighten a person's day :-)

The power of music...

And the memories it can bring back...

Re: Drive By Joy

I love this story and I really enjoyed New Orleans jazz when I lived in that area.


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